Les élèves de 1ère réagissent en anglais à l'exposition "Revueltas" de François Chabrié

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Expo Paco ChabrieDans le cadre de l'axe “Art et Pouvoir” en 1ère, les élèves de Mme FIRTH et de Mme ESTEBAN, professeurs d'anglais, se sont rendus au Centro cultural Carril del Conde pour découvrir l'exposition de François Chabrié intitulée "Revueltas".

Suite à cette visite, il a été demandé aux élèves de choisir une œuvre, d'exprimer leurs impressions et d'en interpréter le sens en anglais. Retrouvez quelques extraits ci-dessous :

I have a dream: « I chose this artwork because it is abstract and I think I could stand one or two hours trying to imagine what each element of the painting means. »

I can't breathe: « I chose this painting because it represents the assassination of George Floyd on the 25th May 2020 in Minneapolis (...) The painting is on the floor, this represents how George was killed, with his neck pushed down to the floor until death. »

Léo-Paul: « I found it interesting that two arts are combined in this artwork, poetry and painting. »

Abracadabra: « I really liked this painting because although I cannot clearly see what the painter has tried to express, I can deduce he has established a relationship with magic, the ABRACADABRA word, and visual illusion in this painting. »

Corazón por Ojo: « It's really the one that caught my attention (...) It also made me think about not standing the passing of time, and therefore running after our memories...The hands and the feet give us the impression of wanting to stop everything. »

À la lumière des étoiles: « First of all, I liked this exhibition. Even though I found a large part of the paintings a bit abstract, it interested me because they hide a lot of meanings. (...) At first sight, I recognized the Mexican spirit in this painting, seeing a skeleton dancing under the stars and all the bright colours. (...) I think that's what M. Chabrié wants to say, we have to enjoy life for all the time we have. »

The King is dead: « This painting reminds me a lot of Jean-Michel Basquiat´s style for its simplicity of colours and the disarray of lines, words, and symbols mixed in a neo-expressionist style (...). I found out that it was a tribute to Basquiat which totally makes sense… »

Corazón por ojo: « The painting, in my opinion, sends the message that we have to see the good things in life and try to enjoy the moments slowly, like the beat of a resting heart. »

Abracadabra: « It shows the power of the words, they are not random letters combined together, but words which give sense to the entire painting. »

À la lumière des étoiles: « In my opinion, this painting represents a person who collects his dreams, or people from his life who are gone. »

L’homme révolté: « The canvas empowers the viewer inviting him to become himself a revolted person. An attentive member of society, a thinking person that could recognize what’s wrong in the world we live in. »

The burning eye: « The artist wants to show the strong importance of the eye in this work to the viewers. The main color that we can find in the whole painting is black, to make us see that he wants us to forget the past to see the present and the future. »

La force des mots: « In this work, the author, instead of criticizing something, he wants to raise public awareness. he wants to show us that words and dialogue play an essential role in our society. »

revueltasAmour for rêveur: « The title plays with words in three different languages to evoke the different facets of love, the one that transcends but also the one that damages. »

The forest of life: « At first, I didn't understand the meaning much, I was a bit confused so I asked M. Chabrié and he said I had to pay attention to the details. (...) I saw that between the branches and the trees there were letters, words, signs, chairs, people, animals. What I feel when I see this work is that nature is part of us. »

Vous pouvez visiter "Revueltas", l'exposition de François Chabrié, professeur de SES, jusqu'au 30 novembre au Centro cultural Carril del Conde (C/ Carril del Conde, 57 - Métro ligne 4 : Arturo Soria ou Esperanza).


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