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Projet vidéo en allemand réalisé par les élèves de 3ème 6

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Les élèves de 3ème 6 de Madame Gallien se sont inspirés du film "Hennings Haus" (Scéren-CNDP) pour réaliser la vidéo ci-dessus.

Elle prend en compte l'évaluation des compétences au cycle 4, D1-2 : s'exprimer à l'oral; D2 : coopérer et réaliser des projets.

Grammar Tutorial Workshop Project – 3èmes 4/5/7/8/9

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For the last few weeks, we’ve been working on an English grammar tutorial workshop project with Mr PATAA. British professional movie maker Tom Skipp helped us by filming and editing our short videos.


The tutorials were all about the conditionals. Each one of them was taught by a different group. The workshop consisted in the following: while a team was filming, the others were rehearsing or editing.

For this project to succeed, first we’ve had to work as a team; that means learning how to listen to each other’s ideas in order to cooperate.

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